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30 Years of UST

It is our great pleasure to state that we have passed glorious 30 years from birth in 1986. We during these three decades have faced people’s problems, sufferings and facilitated to their development in a holistic way. Women, children who are deprived of opportunities have been benefited by our activities. Char, plain land, flood plains, coastal as well as riverine char areas are the areas we have covered by our programs. Our assignments have made the poor and ultra poor people attain social, economical as well as political empowerment.

We, in principle, abide by some core values with respect to people’s development. We maintain order, and follow systematic approaches to implement activities. We believe that people’s development is in people’s hand. Thus, we have mobilized the community and provided training to enhance beneficiary’s knowledge, awareness and capacity as well on different issues including leadership and management. We have implemented our programs involving the beneficiaries in project implementation process i.e. problem assessment; need identification, planning, implementation and monitoring. We set off the activities through people-centered development approach that means, the people are in the centre that played pivotal role in leading the development process. We, as outsider, facilitated them. In the end, the process has helped empower the disadvantaged people and built up their commitment.

Achievements: In last 30 years we have worked in 26 districts, 69 Upazila and 327 unions of different geographical locations. We have undertaken as many as 67 projects during this period, provided services to more than 122, 70, 000 beneficiaries. Among them some 61, 22,730 are men and 61, 47,270 are women, some 8, 31, 111 are adolescent boys, 8,24,732 adolescent girls and 20,85,900 children. We have achieved considerable success that has contributed to improvement in lives and livelihoods, empowerment and poverty alleviation. Program-wise achievements are inscribed underneath:

Education and training program: During these 30 years, about 5250 children have received education through our ECD program. As many as 49012 children have been graduated from our NFPE program. We have opened numbers of primary schools in the community. From those schools, two schools have been transformed in to high school. About 7255 student have already received education from those high schools. Similarly, our two high schools have been transformed in to colleges in two areas. About 300 students get admitted in those colleges every year. As many as 3150 students have passed HSC from those schools as of today. We have operated as many as 1055 Khelipori Schools for poor children’s education at their early age. Some 70,312 children have received education from these schools. It is our great achievement that 45 khelipori schools have been taken over by the government to mainstream with its primary education programs.

Women empowerment: Our women empowerment program has worked with 24, 54, and 000. Around 100000 women manage their community’s development through self-help approach. They are negotiating with Union Parishad for their development and get the ultra poor women enrolled in the different safety-net programs. Women are taking part in budget preparation process at Union Parishad and get their issues incorporated. Already 12 (Twelve) women beneficiaries have been elected to Union Parishad as members contesting in direct poll. The women also are taking part in other electoral process like election campaign, candidate selection etc. Women are taking part in social events like arbitration, local Salish, village courts in LGIs. We by this program have stopped early marriage at Kathali Union of Jaldhaka Upazila in Nilphamari district. Simultaneously dowry practice, divorce etc. in all of our working areas have been reduced. Nilphamari district have been reduced. One of our women leaders has received Joyeeta Award for her outstanding contribution to society.

Food security & livelihood: As of today we have given support to about 30,67,500 people by our food security program. At least 70% of the total beneficiaries have gained food security in different areas. Simultaneously; they own assets. For example, we have provided 21057 women with assets (cow, goat, and poultry) for generation and regeneration. Our food security program has not only helped in food production, but it has also assisted people in developing fruit village. Many villages in Nilphamari Sadar Upazila turned in to fruit villages. They meet nutritional demand and earn money by selling fruits. A total of 626000 HH people manage to improve food security through home gardening and agricultural activities. Some 20000 HHs beneficiaries belong to assets such as cow, goat and poultry etc.

WaSH: About 14 districts, 33 Upazila and 208 Unions have been covered by our WaSH program. We have installed TWs, Hygienic latrines, climate resilient latrines, platforms and worked for hygiene promotion. About 141 Unions declared open defecation free areas. About 40 lacs (4.00 millions) people are enjoying safe, hygienic water and sanitation facilities in different districts.

Our WaSH program encompasses many components. We apart from installation of TW, DTW, and Hygienic latrine at Community, bazaar, and schools with menstrual hygiene facilities work with Menstrual Hygiene Management. We work with Sexual Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR). The women are given education about MHM, SRHR. We also provide ANC, PNC services to the women; train TBAs and mothers on reproductive health and child feeding.

Climate Change and Disaster Management: Our contribution in Climate change and disaster management is noteworthy. This program has covered around 12, 27, 000 people in the affected areas. We have undertaken relief and rehabilitation program and some 3,20,000.00 families could manage to return to their normal life. We have constructed Cyclone shelters at Kutubdia and Banshkhali.

Last 30 years were as bright as gold for UST. We have gained honor, supports and dignity. We have achieved prestige; and above all reorganization in the development sector. UST has contributed to poverty alleviation creating access to food production. Its achievements still twinkle and attract others as models to follow for sustainable development.

News Highlights

Roundtable Discussion of WORLD WATER WEEK-2018

Roundtable Discussion of WORLD WATER WEEK-2018 on WATER, ECOSYSTEM and HUMAN DEVELOPMENT at Bhorer Kagoj Conference Room.

WSSCC'S National Coordinators Meeting-Geneva

WSSCC'S National Coordinators Meeting held in Geneva to Review and Plan for Future to Work on Sanitation and Hygiene.

Pre-budget press conference

 Leave No One Behind: National WASH Budget Allocation 2018-19, held at Dhaka Reporters Unity on 13 May 2018.

Meeting of Union Disaster Management Committee

CCP Project-UST-Bangladesh.The Kederpur Union Parishad of Naria Upazila under Shariatpur District in Bangladesh Organize & Conduct Meeting of Union Disaster Management Committee to Dialogue on Climate Change & Disaster Responsive Budget Alloc

WSSCC's Executive Director visited UST char area field

Executive Director of WSSCC visited to Kedarpur Union field in Shariatpur district. The UP Chairman, Teachers, Elites, WDMC members and media people were present in the meeting. 

UST's active participation in SACOSAN-VI

UST participated in different events of 6th South Asian Conference on Sanitation (SACOSAN -VI). UST had a stall there. Executive Director moderated one side events and also presented a paper on climate change & sanitation session titled as-'water

Round Table Discussion on `Water and Jobs'

The Bhorer Kagoj and development partners jointly organized a Round Table Discussion on `Water and Jobs'. Dr. Zafar Ahmed Khan, Secretary, Ministry of Water Resources was present as the chief guest. 

Annual General Meeting of UST 2015

Annual General Meeting of UST was held on Friday,31July, 2015 at the Training center of UST. All the members of the General committee were present in the Meeting. The Meeting was presided over by the Janab Fazlul Haque, Chairperson of UST.   

GoB-Unicef CATS Project activities,ODF Community Declaration, UST-Sunamgonj

Three Communities ODF declaration ceremony were present as a Upazila Executive Officer Elite person present in this declaration ceremony and Chaired by Josim ahmed chowdhury rana, Chairman of Banglabazar Union Parishad.

ODF Community Declaration at Baniyachong, UST Hobigonj

03 Communities ODF declaration ceremony were present as a Upazila Secondary Education Officer.Elite person present in this declaration ceremony and Chaired by Mr Amirul Islam, Chairman of 7 no Lakshmipur Union Parishad.

GoB-Unicef CATS Project activities, UST Hobigonj

Kamrul Alam, WASH Officer of Unicef and Shikh Suja Uddin, Zonal Officer of Practical Action of Bangladesh visited UST's working Baniyachong Upazila, UST Hobigonj.

GoB-Unicef CATS Project activities, UST Sunamgonj

Unicef representatives and Zonal Officer of Practical Action of Bangladesh visited Dowarabazar Upazila to observe different GoB-Unicef CATS project activities progresses. 

WASH Specialist (Consultant) Gaetano Romano's visit to UST

WASH Specialist (Consultant) Gaetano Romano's visit to UST's working area Baniyachong Upazila, activities of GoB-Unicef CATS Project, UST Hobigonj.

Training on ODF for LGIs at Surma and Bouglabazar Union

Training on ODF for LGIs at Surma and Bouglabazar Union, UST Sunamgonj.

Mr Kamrul Alam, Unicef Representative visited UST's GoB-Unicef CATS Project area

Mr Kamrul Alam, Unicef Representative visited UST's GoB-Unicef CATS Project area at Dowarabazar, Sunamgonj. Events were Community Committee Orientation, MAP and CAP Preparation.

Approaches to Stunting free Villages

13 April 2015 UST, Max Foundation and Space arrange a Workshop on "Approaches to Stunting free Villages: A Brainstorming Workshop" which media partner was The Bhorer Kagoj.

Campaign and Orientation on `End Violence Against Children’ , UST Shariatpur

Campaign and Orientation on `End Violence Against Children’ at Zanjira Upazila of Shariatpur District in support with SAARC Development Fund (SDF) & SAIVAC Bangladesh under the Ministry of Women and Children Affairs.

Training on ODF for LGIs at Banglabazar Union, UST Sunamgonj

Training on Open Defecation Free (ODF) was held at Banglabazar Union, UST Sunamgonj. 

Breaking News from UST !!

We are very happy to know that our honorable Executive Director – Shah Md. Anowar Kamal has been appointed as National Coordinator of WSSCC-B.

Workshop on End Violence Against Children(VAC), UST Gaibandha

Workshop on End Violence Against Children(VAC) in UST Gaibandha. The program was organized by Unnayan Shahojogy Team (UST) and supported by South Asia.

Arsenic & Iron Free Water Plant in Kapura Village, UST Faridpur

As per recent study of DPHE there are many places of Bangladesh where water is contaminated by Arsenic and become non-potable due to presence of excessive Iron.

Celebrated ‘Primary Education Week’ at district level

This year Celebration of ‘Primary Education Week’ in district level was conducted with the supervision of District Primary Education Office.

Social Safety , UST-MJF Project Activities,UST Nilphamari

The project staffs have communicated with Shimulbari UP and have managed to give VGD Cards to four members of Barobari Women worker group and a member of Bhatiapara women worker group.

Advocacy meeting with UP , UST-MJF Project Activities,UST Nilphamari

Advocacy meeting with UP to ensure to get pregnancy allowance and other facilities of pregnant agricultural woman workers from the Govt. Annual Development Program (ADP).

`Water & Sustainable Development’ World Water Day Activities

UST celebrated the World Water Day 2015 with Union Parishad at working areas. There was no government program at district and sub district level so that UST organize Union level program with Union Parishad.

“Proper Water Management is Necessary for the Sustainable Development”

“Proper Water Management is Necessary for the Sustainable Development” said by the experts in a round table meeting which was arranged by Bhorer Kagoj

Women Workers in Agriculture, UST-MJF Project,UST Nilphamari

Jaldhaka is one of the Upazila of Nilphamari district includes 12 union. Here women workers are strongly deprived of their basic rights, labor wages, and social acceptance.

Workshop on "End Violence against Children (VAC) " at UST Kurigram

Workshop on "End Violence against Children (VAC) " was organised by UST at Belgacha Union Parishad, Kurigram Sadar.

Sanitation Calender 2015 distribution at Dowarabazar

Sanitation Calender 2015 was distributed to different stakeholders GO-NGOs officias by Upazila Nirbahi Officer of Dowarabazar

World Water Day 2015 Celebration

UST celebrated World Water Day, 2015 in different working areas throughout the countries. This year the theme was "Water and Sustainable Development".

Day long Training for Local Leaders

Organized and conducted Day long Training for Local Leaders on WASH, Hygiene Promotion, and Water Safety Plan at Auliapur Union under Patuakhali Sadar Upazila of UST working area.

Monthly Head Teachers Coordination Meeting at Dowarabazar, UST Sunamgonj

Monthly Head Teachers Coordination Meeting was held at Upazila level at Dowarabazar Upazila Hall Room..The meeting was on GoB-Unicef CATS project activities and sharing future movements for improvement of WASH in schools.

Changing scenario of Sonogaon School - Success story of UST, CATS-UNICEF Project , UST Sunamgonj

Sonogaon Government Primary School is situated in the Bangla Bazaar Union, Dowarabazaar Upazila between two villages Sonogaon and Aunrayergaon. And now safe sanitation is one of major concern their comparing than the few days ago.

Monthly Awareness Development Sessions Among Women Groups (UST-MJF Project Activities at Nilphamari Area)

100 monthly awareness development sessions were conducted among 100 groups this January. In these sessions stakeholders were given possible general information of goat rearing in ideal method.

Asset distribution for alternative income generating (UST-MJF Project Activities at Nilphamari Area)

100 ultra poor members were given training on duck and chicken rearing as alternative income generating activities to increase income in this month.

Women Workers in Agriculture Sector (UST-MJF Project Activities)

Unnayan Shahojogy Team (UST) has been implementing on women workers in agriculture sector with rural disadvantaged people, particularly with poorest and vulnerable women in Nilphamari area.

A session on SRHR and Stunted Growth

A session on SRHR and Stunted Growth was held at UST Training Center on 9 March 2015.

International Women’s Day 2015

UST has celebrated the International Women’s Day at Jaldhaka in Nilphamari District, The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day is ‘Make it happen’.

Mr. Olivier Coops & Niels Van Den Berge visited UST's working areas

Mr. Olivier Coops, an honorable Board Member of Max Foundation, Netherlands and Niels Van Den Berge, Manager Monitoring & Evaluation of Bangladesh country office, Max Foundation have visited the UST working areas.

GoB UNICEF CATS Project's Training Program

A wonderful training program took place dated 22-26 February, 2015 on GoB UNICEF CATS Project at FIVDB Central Training Center, Doloipara, Khadimnagar, Sylhet.

UST ACCWCA project introduced climate information center

UST ACCWCA project introduced climate information center in twelve union of Zanjira-Naria and Haimchar Upazilla.

Equality through Dignity–মর্যাদায় গড়ি সমতা

It is time to start to value women’s work, time to understand the productive nature of their work.

SMC Orientation at Charatra

School Management Committee orientation meeting on Facilities Provided by WATSAN was organized at Charatra Union Parishad.

GoB-Unicef CATS project, UST Dowarabazar

UNO, Upazila Chairman,SAE-DPHE, UEO,UP Chairman visited of GoB-Unicef CATS project, UST office at Dowarabazar.

Campaign on Education Awareness at UST Rangpur

Last month UST organized Van Rally and Court Yard Sessions Campaign on Education Awareness on Primary Level.

Kombol Distribution in Shaghata, UST Gaibandha, Assisted by Nobarun Youth Charity Foundation

UST distributed Kombol among the poor women in of Shaghata, Gaibandha. The contribution was made by Nobarun Youth Charity Foundation. They were very happy to get those warm gifts.

Bouwmaat team from Netherlands in action

Community latrine installing by Bouwmaat team comes from Netherlands at UST working area. Village name Vollabpur, ward no-01, Union: Kalikapur.

Unicef Country Director visited UST's Working area Dowarabazar

UNICEF Country Director along with Sylhet Divisional Commisionor, DC & ADC (Gen.) of Sunamganj,Civil Surgon, Unicef representative, Go-NGO officials at Dowarabazar.

CATS-Unicef project launching workshop at Dowarabazar

UST introduced another area under CATS-Unicef project, Dowarabazar, Sunamgonj. A Project launching Workshop was held yesterday and participant from different sectors were attended the event.

CATS-UNICEF Project lunching meeting at Jamalpur Sadar

CATS-UNICEF Project lunching meeting at Upazila level that was held at Jamalpur Sadar. The mentioned meeting was chaired by UNO, Jamalpur Sadar and chief guest was Upazila Chairman, Jamalpur Sadar. Special guest were Vice Chairman (Male and Female)

CATS-UNICEF project launching at Baniyachong

CATS-UNICEF project launching workshop was held on 21st January, 2015 at Baniyachong, Hobigonj. Honorable persons and stakeholders from different sectors were attended the workshop.

Launching and Dissemination of "Flickering of fireflies"

The launching and dissemination of "Flickering of fireflies" a documentary on Women in politics in Bangladesh. The documentary has prepared in harmonizing the project objective and its a collective output of ULAB, UST, PyD and funded by AECID.

Grass Root Women Voice Towards Sustainability in Civil and Political Participation

Closing event on Grass Root Women Voice Towards Sustainability in Civil and Political Participation was held on 10th December at UST Training center, Nilphamari. 

Inauguration of Mini Piped Water Supply System

Ex Foreign Minister and MP Dr. Dipu Moni has inaugurated the Mini Piped Water Supply System operated by Solar energy today (05 December 2014) at Char Bhairobi Union under Haimchar Upazila. A total of 1626 direct people will be benefited by this syste

Community Approach to Total Sanitation (CATS-UNICEF)

UST is going to implement a WASH Package `Community Approach to Total Sanitation (CATS-UNICEF) Project’  at Sunamgonj, Habigonj and Jamalpur districts with the support of UNICEF and Practical Action.

City Life flavors in char Bhairab

Pipeline Water supply in Char-Bhairab ! With the assistance of WaterAid, UST has made a Pipeline Water Supply System which is capable to supply water 200 families, Educational institutions and surrounding area of UP office in the project area. 

Repairing work of wather option

UST's hardware initiatives for repairing work option under the Village - Poshurbunia, Ward No. 07, Union - Kalikapur, under activities of UST Max WASH Project in Patuakhali. 

Mini Piped Water Supply System at Charbhairobi Union of Haimchar

UST is going to implement a Mini Piped Water Supply System at one of the Arsenic Contaminated area Charbhairobi Union of Haimchar Upazila under Chandpur District with the assistance of WaterAid Bangladesh.

Sanitation Month Observance at Haimchar

Sanitation Month Observance at Haimchar

Observation of Sanitation Month, 2014 and Global Hand Washing Day at Madaripur

Observation of Sanitation Month, 2014 and Global Hand Washing Day at Madaripur. Officials from different sector of Madaripur joined this program. Rally and seminar were took place on that occasion. 

UST Distributed Water Filter

UST distributed water filter among the beneficiaries whose water sources were damaged by recent flood at Shariatpur. Water Aid and HSBC supported this Emergency Program. 

UST Celebrated World Teachers Day, 2014

UST-Nilphamari has celebrated World Teachers day dated 22 October, 14. Rally and Discussion Session took place as a part of the event. This year World Teachers day, 14 main massages were “Invest in the Future, Invest in the Teachers”. 

UST Patuakhli Sadar team has observed National Sanitation month 2014

UST Patuakhli  Sadar team has observed National Sanitation month 2014 with Govt. at District level. DC, ADC,SP ,DPHE, Local Leader ,Print media ,Electronic media & other GO/NGO officers participated the program. BTV highlighted the event.

Disinfection of Flood Affected Tube Wells

Disinfection of Flood Affected Tube Wells at Shariatpur as a part of Disaster Response. Assisted by WaterAid Bangladesh and HSBC. WDMCs, Union Parishad and Upazila Administration and UST jointly implemented the program.

National Sanitation Month Observance and Global Hand Washing Day 2014

UST participated a rally held at Dhaka on National Sanitation Month Observance and Global Hand Washing Day 2014 organized by LGD & DPHE.

Two Days Workshop on Future Strategic Planning !

UST arranged a two days workshop on their future strategic planning. Both internal and external resource persons shared their opinion and thoughts at workshop. All the staffs of the UST attended the workshop.

UST arranged a 3 days training at Coastal Region

UST organized a 3 days training at Coastal Region (21-23 September 2014). Participants from WaterAid Climate Change Program PNGOs (UST, Shushilon, Rupantar & SUS) are visiting the Sunderban. 

Workshop at Joinokathi

UST organized a workshop on nutrition at Joinokathi Union

World Breast Feeding Week - 2014

UST arranged a Rally for World Breast Feeding Week - 2014 at Morichbunia Union Parishad. 

Sustainability Meeting with WATSAN

Sensitization Meeting with the WATSAN Committee at Morichbunia Union Parishad.

UST Organized a community meeting..

A community meeting was held at Aouliapur Union ward-2

FANSA convenors' in Dhaka

Freshwater Action Network South Asia (FANSA) conveners in Dhaka. A official meeting took place in Unnayan Shahojogy Team Office. Where discussed about their future strategies of plan and action throughout this region 

UST organized a workshop in collaboration with CDD

UST organized a workshop in collaboration with CDD, financed by CBM on (1) Disability and Inclusive Development and (2) Disability Inclusiveness Self Assessment Exercise. UST and CDD senior staff and CBM high officials attended the workshop. 

Activities of UST due to flood in Project Area

Unnayans Shahojogy Team (UST) working on current flood situation in Kederpur and Kunderchar Union. Several villages have been affected by the flood. River water flowing above the danger mark. 

Participation of women in society and politics at grassroots level

Women’s participation in social activities and politics has progressed in Bangladesh, but their involvement in decision-making process is still at snail’s pace. A study a conducted by Unnayan Shahojogy Team (UST) LGED Bhaban on September 2,2014

UDMC meeting at UST's Project Area at Shariatpur

Water Aid Bangladesh & WaterAid UK delegates participated a UDMC meeting of Naodoba Union Parishad  at UST Climate Change Project Area at Shariatpur.

UST participated Searching Operation of Dead Bodies of Pinac 6 capsized at The Padma

As a part of Disaster Response a ten members team of UST (Consist of Government Officials, WDMC, UDMC members and UST staff) participated Searching Operation of Dead Bodies of Pinac 6 capsized at The Padma. Hundreds of persons lost their lives.

Eradicate Extreme Poverty Day

''Eradicate Extreme Poverty Day was observed on 31 May 2014. UST participated in Mela with a stall and EEP Talks so far organized on this occasion at Bashundhara Convention Centre. Presentation was given by S. M. Tazammal Haque,UST.

Gender and Development Fair 2014

A three-day long 'Gender and Development Fair-2014' was inaugurated at Begum Rokeya University (BRU) Tuesday morning. The fair jointly organised by the USAID and BRU at Rangpur.  US ambassador Dan W Mozena, and Yeanina Jerujaleski, mission director

ED's visit to Haimchar

Shah Md. Anowar Kamal ,Executive Director along with Md. Sayedur Rahman, Project Manager of Unnayan Shahojogy Team (UST) visited the working area Haimchar. Mr. Kamal have seen the progress and discussed different issue with the stuffs there.

Celbrating International Women’s Day 2014

We have celebrated a wonderful program at wonderful working area Kochukata, Nilphamari. The program was under the 'Regional Program for the Promotion of Political Participation with Gender Equity in Bangladesh' is being implemented by UST, partnered

SRSPDS Project

UST has been disseminating saline and flood tolerant rice variety in the southern part of Bangladesh under the project “Sustainable Rice Seed Production and Delivery Systems”. The project is USAID funded CSISA-Bangladesh sub-project. The projec

Max Value for WASH

UST has been implementing a three years project titled “Max Value for WASH in Blue Gold Polders in Patuakhali with the support of Max Foundation, The Netherlands. The main objective of the project is to reduce child mortality where safe water,

MJF Project of UST

UST has been implementing a project titled “Women Workers in Agriculture Sector: Creating Better Livelihoods through ensuring Rights and Entitlements” with the support of Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF) in Nilphamari district. The project wil

Socio-political assimilation by way of interactive theatre

Youth group are always interested in cultural activities. Therefore, this program incorporates cultural activities performing by the young generation, which can easily reach to the heart of the people. Their cultural performance is awaking commun

Joyeeta Onneshone Bangladesh

UST has celebrated `Begum Rokeya Day’ on 9th December 2014. This day, Ministry of Women and Children Affairs has organized ‘Joyeeta Onneshone Bangladesh’ to discover grassroots women leaders throughout Bangladesh. Rahima Begum (GUP leader of

Regional Congress

The 3rd Regional Congress was held on 9-11 October 2013 in Hotel Berjaya, Makati, Philippines.  A team consist of One GUP leader, one youth forum member, one women member, chairman of Union Parishad, deputy secretary of ministry of women and child

National Congress

A National Congress was held at the LGED (Local Government Engineering Department) Auditorium level 12, Agargaon, Dhaka in 29 September 2013. ‘Grassroots Women’s Voice in Political Participation in Bangladesh’-was the topic of this congress

UST participated in Learning sharing

UST participated in Learning sharing workshop on “Adaptation on water and Sanitation in face of climate change in Zanjira Char of Shariatpur in Bangladesh”

A leader of GUP and UP Chairman

A leader of GUP and UP Chairman from UST’s working area had taken part in the Regional Congress held in Manila, The Philippines. The Executive Director along with two colleagues had also attended in that Congress from UST as core participants

A high profile delegation

A high profile delegation had visited to UST’s GFSUP (Gaibandha Food Security for Ultra Poor project)

His Excellency the Ambassador of Spain

His Excellency the Ambassador of Spain in Bangladesh Mr. Tajeda Choeon, made a courtesy visit to UST Head Office, Dhaka in 2012 and shared many issues pertaining to the program being implemented by UST in Bangladesh. Ms. Zeneida Bernabe, the Country

UST participated in Water Supply

UST participated in Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council, Bangladesh (WSSCC-B) organized by DSK at Engineers Institution, Dhaka in 2011. Honorable Minister for Law and Parliament Affair was the chief guest in the congress. The executive

Mr. Hans Spruijt, Chief of Water

Mr. Hans Spruijt, Chief of Water, Sanitation and Environment, UNICEF in Bangladesh had visited to UST’s working area in Shariatpur in 2011.

Mr. Mohammad Bailor Jalloh,

Mr. Mohammad Bailor Jalloh, Chief, Field operation Section of unicef had a visit to Sanitation, Hygiene Education and Water Supply (GoB-UNICEF) project at Shariatpur Sadar Upazila in 2010.

Country Representative of UNICEF

Country Representative of UNICEF in Bangladesh had called at UST’s working area in Shariatpur district in 2010.

The Country Representative of WaterAid

The Country Representative of WaterAid Sweden and Manager of Post Code Lottery Foundation, Sweden had visited to UST’s working area at Zanjira Upazila of Shariatpur in 2010 to see for them the progress of the WaSH project run under post code Lotter

UST was one of the co-organizers

UST was one of the co-organizers of the BanglaSan Fair in 2010. This initiative was first of its kind in Bangladesh that was organized under the auspices of the Local Government Division of Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development and Cooperat

The Regional Coordinator PYD

The Regional Coordinator of PYD Ms. Yolanda Martinez visited to UST Head Office, Dhaka in 2010. PYD, a Spanish Organization, is supporting UST for implementing the Regional Program to Promote Gender Equality in Bangladesh’.

Birthday aniversary

UST had celebrated its 25th birth anniversary in June 2010 with the community people for whom UST has been addressing since its foundation.  The honorable Board members, distinguished guests, friends, well wishers and UST’s staff members, manageme

UST Contribution

About 1.5 million people in various geographic locations including climate vulnerable coastal char areas have gained access to safe, potable water, sanitation and hygiene. The promotional facilities have been facilitated by UST through its Women-led, Community-led and UP-led water, sanitation and hygiene programs.


Millions of poor women have brought about a change in their lives and livelihoods by their self-help initiatives, through integrated supports by UST. Poor vulnerable women are organized in the community under Gram Unnayan Parishad (GUP) and empowered to claim, bargain with LGIs for their entitlements. They are empowered to exercise their social, economical and environmental rights


At least 50,000 children have become able to illuminate their lives receiving basic education from UST-run Khelipori schools since 1986 till date.


More than 20,000 HHs at Amtoli(Barguna), Kalihati(Tangail) and Kutubdia, Bashkhali(Cox’s Bazar) managed to return to their normal lives by the rehabilitation works undertaken by UST after the massive hit by cyclone Sidr in 2007, Tornedo in 1996 and cyclone in 1991 respectively.


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About UST

Unnayan Shahojogy Team (UST) is a national NGO, working in Bangladesh since 1986. It is registered with the NGO Affairs Bureau, Goverment of the People's Republic of Bangladesh (Redg. No.291).

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