governanceUST is very much keen to ensure good governance at all level within the organization. UST Governing Body, Executive Board, is formed with experienced professionals from different sections of the society like

educationist, reputed consultants, social worker and intellectuals. The Founder and Chairman of UST Board is a Livelihoods specialist. Distinguished board members having pro-poor mindset are elected to the Executive Board to contribute with their wise counseling in the governance of UST. Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held every year and the Executive Board meetings are held quarterly. The Executive board provides decisions and guidelines on different policy issues and the matters of many policy and strategic levels issues, management issues. Policies on administrative structure and delegation of authority at staff level are laid down in different manuals like i) Service manuals, ii) Financial manuals and iii) Implementation Guidelines. Staffs are empowered to take decisions at area and program level. All the manuals and guidelines are open to all.

The internal control of UST is dealt by Internal Audit, monitoring and Financial monitoring section. 100% audits are conducted where irregularities are detected in the course of normal internal audit. The frequency of audit in each of the Area, Head Office and Training Centers takes place at least once a year but two or more audits are conducted at locations and programs that want a close watch.