our launchingLaunching of UST

Unnayan Shahojogy Team (UST) was founded in June 1986 as a non-profitable non-governmental organization to help the poor and the disadvantaged women through awareness building and skill development training to become self-reliant. At that time, most of the people in UST working areas (remote Char areas of deltaic Bangladesh) were very poor, had no opportunity to send their children for education and they faced hardship to maintain their livelihoods. They couldn't meet their basic needs. Women were oppressed and vulnerable. UST unearthed a gloomy picture of the society, where there was widespread poverty.  People couldn't manage food for three times or even twice a day. People used to borrow money from the rich and ultimately embraced the curse of becoming landless poor. Most of the people couldn't get 1850 kcal per day in their meal.

UST started its field operations on January 1987 in four Upazilas: Sonargaon Upazila of Narayangonj district, Sadar Upazila of Tangail district, Shaghata and Sadar Upazilas of Gaibandha district. Gradually it expanded its operation over other districts, through her partner organizations.