Climate Change and Disaster Management


UST has vast experience in disaster preparedness at though, the people are facing the ever biggest environmental degradation due to global climate change, which poses serious threat to human

security and civilization. The poor are the most vulnerable to climate change impacts because of ignorance, awareness and capacity as well.

UST has already proved itself as a quick-responsive organization to any natural calamities or climate change impact since its inception. It provides software and hardware services to the affected areas and victims of climate change impact.

Considering the above realities, UST itself has developed on the basis of past-experience and local knowledge based various technological options. Those were implemented through a systematic and structured climate resilient development package program in the climate affected areas.

UST has notable experience in disaster preparedness and risk management program especially, in the areas of long term and short-term disaster management. In this regard, UST provides education and training to the people to enhance their capacity with regard to mobilization of local resources and emergency relief when it is necessary. UST has experience of working with flood, cyclone, draught and tornado and Monga (temporary famine) victims. UST believes that relief is not the only solution. So, UST has been working with the local people to promote their knowledge and holistic skills by means of training and education for long term solution.